Life can be complicated, simplify it.

Although there are many smart devices available on the market today, it is not until they flawlessly and effectively work together that you get the unparalleled results of a smart home automation system. Beyond controlling your home’s lighting, thermostats and alarm; smart home automation enables control over every capable electronic device within your home. All you will need in the room are the TV and the remote. Now imagine yourself sitting in a favorite chair after a long day and with a simple touch of button, your entire home automation system is at your command…


Planning your smart home.

Our aim is to make planning easy, short, and efficient. We come to your home for an onsite consultation. During this consultation, we discuss the concepts of smart home automation with all of the system users. We discuss your initial wants and needs, but also plan for how your family needs may grow overtime. All we need to know from you is how you live, then we integrate smart home features to simplify and enhance your daily routine. We take pride in educating our clients on the wonders of smart home technology and its benefits. Building a relationship with your smart home technology company is a long term partnership.


Smart home automation interface

The Smart Home Automation Interface is how you interact with your home. It can be as simple as a hand held remote for your video experience or a touchscreen to browse and play your favorite music collection. It can even be a keypad that controls all the lighting, music, window treatments and more throughout your entire home. The Interface can also be programmed to control your favorite smartphone, tablet, wrist device from anywhere on the globe. Each Interface is designed for simple and effortless access to the features that you desire most, with a consistent look and feel across the entire home.


Smart home automation platform

Like your smart phone or your computer, the platform is the operating system for your smart home. The Sound Vision offers two industry leading home automation systems, Crestron and Control 4. By compiling and managing multiple devices in your home, these reliable and robust platforms allow your favorite products to work together flawlessly, so that you can relax anywhere within your home and enjoy all of its splendor.

Smart home automation app

Both Crestron and Control 4 smart home automation systems have apps that have been designed to function on all of your favorite mobile devices. You can lock doors, turn on lights, adjust the temperature and even close the garage door with a touch of a button from the application. These applications allow you opportunity to connect and access your home’s platform from anywhere.

Comfort & convenience

Have you ever been away from your home and questioned, “Did I lock the door?” “Did I leave the garage open?” Smart home automation gives you the ability to lock the door, close the garage, arm the alarm and even modify thermostats up or down. Having all of your home devices conveniently available in one app, allows you to remotely monitor and manage your home while away, and ultimately give you peace of mind.

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