Favorite Picks

“The Frame” by Samsung

Samsung has outdone themselves with the new Frame TV. Because it looks like a real frame, The Frame enhances its surroundings, wherever it is. Its big screen offers a grand display for art, making it a striking sight—on or off. The customizable frame has the flexibility to fit into any home’s decor. You can change the black bezel to a wood, white or metal frame, perfectly complementing your home.
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Nakymatone Invisible Speakers

Design finally meets technology with Nakymatones line of Invisible Speakers. This speaker is impossible to photograph but brings design and technology together like never before. Nakymatone is the worlds first creator of the Controlled Resonance Technology giving you a clear sound that makes experience the music on a whole new level.

James Loudspeaker Power Pipe Sub 1200PT

Creating smart homes mixed with beautiful décor has been an age old problem. This year we are seeing more and more design related elements that make decorating your home and adding smart technology a breeze. James Loudspeaker PowerPipe Sub 1200PT does exactly that, they take small spaces in your home and allow you to get deep, rich base frequencies without compromising floor or wall space. The PowerPipe utilizes a flexible tubing pushing the subwoofer deeper into the wall or attic allowing you to feel the sounds through a tiny grill tucked under a cabinet or floor board.

Marantz 8012 Receiver

You wanted more in a Home Theater experience and the Marantz SR8012 does nothing short of deliver. With Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and Auro 3D you become totally immersed in your home cinema you won’t know what hit you. The Marantz SR8012 also has built in HEOS technology allowing you to create an amazing multi-room wireless network.

James Loudspeaker Omni Planter

James Loudspeaker presents the greatest in outdoor speaker and landscape creation. The Omni Planter speaker blends perfectly into any landscape or sits beautifully on any deck or patio. The 4 omni directional speakers and 1 built in subwoofer gives you an all in one solution to your outdoor audio needs and adds a beautiful space to bring nature into your life.

Monitor Audio- W280IDC Inwall Speaker

In-wall speakers have always been a décor-friendly alternative best-suited to playing whole-house music. Monitor Audio has changed the game (again). They put years of award winning high-tech design skills into the WT280-IDC for bold sound that will grab you and won’t let go. They’ve mounted a 1″ tweeter and 4″ midrange driver together on a pivoting module, so you get more direct sound in the critical midrange as well. That means better clarity, detail, and spatial imaging.

James Loudspeaker – Landscape Speakers & Inground Sub

For decades outdoor audio was an afterthought. Something installers did if there was room left in the budget. Likewise, for decades the performance of outdoor audio was lackluster. James Loudspeakers has given outdoor audio a giant shot of adrenaline with their latest landscape series. With a “no limits” configuration style, we can design a system with as many or as few speakers as your backyard requires. Did I mention the inground subwoofer that comes in sizes of 8″-21″ .

James Loudspeaker Small Aperture In-ceiling speakers

I own these. They’re installed throughout my house in Franklin, MI. If you’re a true audiophile or simply love the sound of great speakers reproducing great music, these speakers are for you. The Small Aperture speaker is unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. In its most simple definition, it is the only loudspeaker on the market that can reproduce sound so finely tuned, that it rivals that of most luxury floor standing loudspeakers.

Leon- Horizon LCR Soundbars

Why do I love Leon Soundbars? Let me count the ways. I’m going to keep this one very simple. They sound incredible, they’re custom built (at an affordable price). Leon’s soundbars are custom built to exactly match the width and finish of any TV. Each speaker features up to 3-channels to provide high-fidelity audio with a discreet aesthetic, perfect for any system. My favorite part? They’re designed and built locally in Ann Arbor, MI.

JL Audio- E-Sub 112

1500 watts of deep, realistic bass. The JL Audio-E Sub 112 hits on an emotional level. But it’s about much more than loud and low. The E Sub 112 offers superb definition, accuracy, and texture.No one understands this better than the bass enthusiasts at JL Audio. They should know — they’ve been building world-class subwoofers for decades. The E-112 is the latest in a long line of industry leading craftsmanship.

JL Audio- Fathom-F112

A reference quality subwoofer by which all others are judged. The Fathom takes no prisoners during a performance. The Fathom’s shockingly deep bass extension will allow you to experience the excitement in your home theater, but it’s subtle enough to deliver all of the nuance you’re looking for in even the most subtle piece of music.