Our Work

Bloomfield Village Estate

The entire home is under control with Crestron at the helm thanks to The Sound Vision. The Sound Vision installed the entire Crestron system so the clients can use their iPhone, iPad, or touch panels to control the system with ease. Even the lights switches can change the music and control the volume.

What's included:

  • 16 zones of distributed audio
  • 9 zones of distributed video
  • 2 door camera stations
  • 2 garage doors
  • 5 Thermostats
  • 82 light loads

Brighton Outdoor Oasis

The best sounding backyard in the Midwest. This client let Jonathon go bonkers with the outdoor audio. Three independent zones of audio with a total of 16 speakers and 4 subwoofers. The client is able to listen to music of TV in there pool, fire pit, or outdoor kitchen. All controlled by a Control4 smart home automation system.

What's included:

  • 12 zones of distributed audio
  • 6 zones of distributed video
  • 8 cameras
  • 2 garage doors
  • 2 Thermostats
  • 5 light loads

Bloomfield Twp. Home

The Sound Vision designed this project to allow a young family the luxuries of having both music and video in several rooms. The project was driven by the family’s needs to have the latest in technology mixed with uncompromising design aesthetics, and The Sound Vision delivered the perfect blend of performance and style.

What's included:

  • 6 zones of distributed audio
  • 3 zones of distributed HD video
  • Sonos
  • 2- 5.1 surround sound systems

Midtown, Detroit

This is one of our favorite projects to date. We truly had to use technology to make this home better. With limited parking we used the Crestron smart home automation system to control the home's driveway gate. We were able to disable the gate's magnetic sensor when the client's friends and family wanted to stay a while. The home also had 4 zones of hydronic radiant floor heat and 2 zones of forced. Typically these systems battle each other because these systems often use air temperature sensors only. We used Crestron in-floor sensors paired with air temp sensors to maintain perfect comfort. We worked extensively with the great folks at Leon Speaker to custom fabricate the audio for this home.

What's included:

  • 1- 5.1 surround sound system
  • 6 zones of distributed audio
  • 6 zones of distributed video
  • 6 HD surveillance cameras
  • 2 garage doors
  • 6 motorized roller shades
  • 6 Thermostats
  • 32 light loads

Inspiration Gallery

Orchard Lake Media Room

This space is so cool. Not only is it a basement below a basement but it also boasts the an elegant surround sound system. A little magic to help grandma persuade the kids and grand kids to stay a while. A custom width Leon LCR soundbar was mounted to the TV. We fit a Triad Speaker in-wall subwoofer into the wainscoting seamlessly. the room sounds as amazing as it looks. While it might not have all of the gadgets we typically install this room is super cool.

What's included:

  • 1- 5.1 surround sound system
  • 2 zones of distributed video
  • Universal remote control

Royal Oak 2 Channel Dream

A project where the client and the design team were on the same page. The concept of this system was quality over quantity. We focused the budget on fidelity. A 2.1 system with superior components can be vastly more enjoyable than a surround system with standard speakers. The Monitor Audio Gold series with ribbon tweeters and a Sumiko subwoofer make this room come alive. We provided a super cool Pro-Ject turntable to feed the clients quest for nostalgia. We used a surround receiver to handle the video source audio decoding. Apple TV, video game, and cable TV all sound fantastic.

What's included:

  • 2 zones of distributed audio
  • 1 Thermostat
  • Control4 Smart Home Automation