Meet The Team

A perfect blend of creativity, technical wizardry, and one dedicated beta tester.
The best formula for digital chemistry.


Jonathon Anderson

Meet Jonathon Anderson, a lifelong enthusiast of hi-fidelity sound. His unwavering passion led him to invest his very first paycheck in a pair of exceptional speakers. Throughout his college years, Jonathon would often spend his study breaks daydreaming in hi-fi stereo shops, captivated by the possibilities of immersive audio experiences.

Equipped with an engineering degree upon graduation, Jonathon embarked on a decade-long journey as an automotive engineer. During this time, he honed his skills in customer service and satisfaction, acting as the vital link between customers and engineers. Drawing from his profound experience of listening to customers and implementing their ideas, Jonathon now brings his expertise to Sound Vision.

In 2007, fueled by his combined love for automation, A/V technology, and all things geeky, Jonathon fearlessly launched The Sound Vision. His dedication and commitment to his craft are evident through his certifications, including being a CEDIA certified installer and a Home Acoustics Alliance Level 1 member. Notably, in the summer of 2015, Jonathon successfully completed the Goldman Sachs 10K Small Business Program, further enhancing his entrepreneurial skills.

When it comes to testing remote controls, Jonathon's ultimate go-to is none other than his 13-year-old daughter, who effortlessly puts them to the test. Together, they embrace their shared enthusiasm for discovering new and exciting audio experiences.


  • Introducing Emery Anderson, a remarkable teenager who possesses an innate talent for beta testing remote controls and other fragile items at The Sound Vision. With a lifetime of experience in quality control, Emery has become an indispensable asset at our company. Our unwavering principle is simple: if Emery can't break it, then it simply can't be broken. Thanks to her finely tuned skills, The Sound Vision has consistently curated the finest audiovisual products in the industry.

At the Sound Vision we take the role of buyers advocate very seriously. Our only focus is customer happiness. We design home automation and home theater systems to your needs and budget. We are not here to move boxes. The Sound Vision is a service based company. Of course we still sell all of our systems components, we are not here to tell you what you want or need. We listen to your dreams and create a solid plan to reach them.


Desiree Grupe

Desiree Grupe is an accomplished professional with a diverse background in business administration and a passion for organization and teamwork. She joined The Sound Vision (TSV) in June 2022 as a Virtual Assistant, where she quickly proved her exceptional skills and dedication. In recognition of her outstanding performance, Desiree was promoted to the role of Office Manager in July 2023.

Desiree holds a degree in Business Administration from Texas A&M - Corpus Christi, where she gained a solid foundation in management principles and strategies. After graduating, she embarked on a successful career in the life insurance and financial advising industry, using her business and marketing knowledge to the company thrive in those markets.

Born and raised in Texas, Desiree currently resides outside of the Austin area with her husband and three wonderful children. When she's not managing the office or assisting colleagues, Desiree enjoys indulging in her hobbies, which include reading, spending quality time with her family and friends, cheering on her daughter during volleyball matches, and exploring local breweries.

Desiree's commitment to excellence, strong organizational skills, and personable nature make her an asset to TSV. Her passion for teamwork and her dedication to providing exceptional support contribute to the overall success of the organization.


Gerald Cavanaugh

Gerald Cavanaugh, the lead technician at The Sound Vision, has dedicated his career to serving the People of America. With a background as a Tactical Satellite Communications Army veteran and experience working for companies like Xfinity, Direct TV, Dish, WOW, and AT&T, Gerald brings a wealth of technical expertise to his role.

As a graduate from Michigan State University with a degree in engineering, he is constantly seeking new knowledge in the field of technology and is dedicated to assisting customers with their technological needs.

When he's not busy helping others, Gerald indulges in his passions for movies and music. He's a true movie and music buff, always up for a good laugh and a great conversation. His enthusiasm for the industry shines through in his work, and he feels right at home at The Sound Vision.

Gerald also cherishes his role as a father to his son, who continues to inspire him and remind him of the importance of family.


Lucas Cope

Lucas Cope is an experienced professional with a passion for home automation and technology. With certifications in Control4 automation programming, Josh AI programming, and HDBaseT master programming, Lucas has honed his skills in creating seamless and intelligent living spaces. He has spent the past 2.5 years specializing in residential low voltage wiring and home automation installation and programming.

Outside of work, Lucas cherishes his role as a family man. He is engaged to his loving fiancé and is a proud father to two daughters. Their household is filled with a lively assortment of animals, including a dog, ball python, bearded dragon, tortoise, and two crested geckos.

Lucas finds joy in various hobbies. He enjoys engaging in outdoor family activities, spending quality time with his loved ones. When he's not outdoors, you'll often find him immersed in gaming on his PC or passionately cheering for his favorite football team. Additionally, Lucas has a creative side and enjoys building habitats for his reptiles, ensuring they have comfortable and stimulating environments.

With his expertise in home automation, commitment to family, and diverse range of hobbies, Lucas Cope leads a fulfilling and well-rounded life.


Scott Medler

Scott Medler is a highly accomplished professional who has been a valuable member of The Sound Vision since 2022. With a solid educational foundation, Scott holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Mich Tech University and a PhD in Biochemistry from WSU. Prior to joining The Sound Vision, Scott gained experience as a Lab Technician and Lab Instructor at WSU, as well as a Bio Teacher at Macomb Community College. Additionally, he has worked as a DISH/Ontech technician and rose to the position of DISH Field Service Manager.

Outside of his work, Scott enjoys indulging in his hobbies. He has a passion for DIY projects, constantly exploring new ideas and creating practical solutions. Another area of interest for Scott is computer building and gaming, where he finds joy in exploring the world of technology. Alongside his professional pursuits, Scott cherishes his family life, being a loving husband and proud father to his son.


Chris Hansel

Chris Hansel, our newest technician at The Sound Vision, joined our team in 2023. With a passion for technology, photography, movies, and music, Chris brings a unique set of skills to our company. Although he isn't a sports fan, he compensates with his love for exploring the latest advancements in the world of gadgets and capturing moments through his lens.

 In his personal life, Chris cherishes the companionship of his loyal canine friend, Chloe. Born in Florida, he made the bold decision to move to Michigan during his childhood, as he felt he didn't quite fit the mold of his birth state. Despite his humble nature, when asked what makes him interesting, Chris simply replies, "nothing." However, we believe that his diverse interests and dedication to his craft make him a fascinating addition to our team.