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In the last few years, there’s been a shift in outdoor audio taking place. Years ago, you’d see outdoor speakers attached to the exterior walls of the house, and while that may be a great solution, times have changed.

It’s no secret that Michiganders love to spend time outside. We spend a lot of money getting our backyard living spaces just the way we want them. Speaker manufacturers have recognized this and have really stepped up their outdoor audio (and video) offerings.

Think about this, rather than mounting a pair of outdoor speakers on the exterior wall of the home and having to turn them up and down depending on your location, how about strategically placing speakers around the listening area? These speakers hide easily in flower beds, at the base of trees, and along walk ways. So what’s so great about that?

It gives you complete control over the sound in your yard. The speakers are placed throughout the listening area, you never have to turn the sound up to uncomfortable levels. It makes for a much more enjoyable experience, and keeps the neighbors happy too.

(An example layout of a backyard patio listening area.)

These types of outdoor audio systems can be configured for virtually any backyard entertainment area, whether you want to make a pool the focal point of the sound, or have music along a walk way heading down to the lake. Now you can do it.

Subwoofers Too?

Never heard of having a subwoofer in your backyard? Well, now you have. It’s true, the new landscape speaker systems come complete with subwoofers to provide the perfect about of low level (a.k.a-bass) to the party. Subwoofers for landscape outdoor audio systems come in a wide range of sizes from 8″ to 21″. We’ll help you select the right one for your system. Now, we know what you’re thinking, “I don’t want an unsightly subwoofer mucking up my beautiful landscape”. Neither do we, that’s why the manufacturers have designed these subs to be buried.

As you can see, the manufacturers have thought of everything with this new breed of outdoor audio. When designed and installed properly by companies like The Sound Vision, outdoor living is better than ever. Ready for your free consultation? Give The Sound Vision a call 248-804-8011

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