More Than Just TV’s and Speakers

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The Sound Vision is a company that does what? Deals with just sound, right? Well, you are selling us both short if you think that; we do way more than just sound systems and home theater rooms!

Imagine for a moment that you are coming home from a long day at work. You drive up to your house, but you can’t find your house keys in your bag? How about you just set up your internet, cable, TV, DVD player and Xbox only to be confused with all the wires tangled in a heap? What if you’re away on vacation, but you don’t want to have your neighbor over every evening turning lights on and off or close the blinds to pretend someone is home? Or maybe your child called you and said they were doing homework, but you know you heard the TV in the background.

There is no need for a locksmith, frustrated searching, and no need for an electrician. Don’t call your nosy neighbor to go to your house while you’re away, and you definitely don’t have to unplug your electronics when you leave for work to make sure your kids won’t watch T.V. We can make life easy by giving you control over uncontrollable situations. We can give you a home automation systems that you can control from your phone, create a virtually wireless world for all your electronics, and even install home surveillance that will not only repel intruders but repel rebellious teens as well!

We are a multifaceted company that is mostly known for its profound work in sound engineering. Yet, we are so much more. We service the greater Detroit Metro area from Grosse Ile to Clarkston. If you haven’t visited our website site,, we can help with a plethora of other house projects you probably never thought we could make possible. Check us out online or give us a call at (248) 804-8011, so we can talk about how we can make your vision a reality.

Check the video below for an example of a automated home using Crestron for control.

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